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22 June 2008 @ 10:40 pm
Albergo Chiaro - An AU Multifandom RPG  
We already have a Haruhi, so it's only natural that we'll need a Kyon to keep her somewhat in line. ♥

♫ // The music will be your escape .
♫ // Welcome .
Slowly, your eyes adjust to the blinding daylight. You can smell the sea nearby as the gentle wind caresses your skin. A light minuet plays on your ears, from a distant piano. You look up. Lo and behold, an enormous white structure stands before you, shimmering in the sun's rays. The hundreds--no, thousands of delicate glass windows cast their spotlights on you, welcoming, smiling, shining. The tropical sun glows white-yellow, and the glass structure scatters its radiance throughout the scenery; the beach gleams with white sands, the turquoise waves sparkle, the emerald beach grasses sway in rhythm with the quiet breezes whirling around the tiny landspot.
...You've been invited here.

♫ // Premise .
Albergo Chiaro is a laid-back alternate-universe, multifandom RPG taking place in a slightly altered 18th-century Mediterranean setting, specifically the mysterious hotel Albergo Chiaro. Yes, this is a "you're-here-and-you-can't-go-back" game, with a bit of a twist. The characters you play will have AU backgrounds that fit in with the game's setting. They've been summoned here by the Albergo's owner, Signor Giuseppe Fiorentino. An enigmatic character, he finds it his duty to "civilize" as many young (or old) people as he can find. Your character has been specifically chosen to stay at this exclusive hotel, but at a price: they must take a rigorous "intellectual" course. This course requires the study of science, philosophy, and classical music..

Don't take it the wrong way, though; this is a magical island, and strange things are bound to happen. Signor Fiorentino is a fun-loving sort of guy. Expect the unexpected at this hotel...with a bit of music in the background.

For more information, please refer to this post.

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